We are makers of performance outdoors gear with a street inspired style. We want our gear to improve human performance, both in athletic competition, in the city and while exploring the great outdoors. We want our company to inspire people to travel, seek adventure, appreciate the outdoors and discover creativity. Our products are designed & tested in the harshest New Zealand environments, with a mind for international travel & adventure.

OPUS - /ˈōpəs/: Work; An artistic or great work; A masterpiece [magnum opus].

FRESH - /freSH/ New or different; Recently made, produced or harvested; not stale or spoiled;Free from impurity or pollution; Revived or reinvigorated;New ideas; New way of looking at things; Fresh Snow; Fresh water; Fresh smell A colloquial term for stylish apparel.


We're actually pretty slow with our development process. Just like our athletes, we don't always get it right the first time. We aim to constantly improve on what we've done in the past, refining, then refining again, with functionality and timeless style as the drivers. We're definitely not a company that fires out fast fashion collections every other week. We began using premium New Zealand Merino as a staple for our base range, but we've slowly started moving into more technical and athletic fabrics with a mind for improving human performance in the outdoors. We design our products to reflect our lifestyles, where performance is key both in the corporate, city based environment as well as in the great outdoors.


We are an improvement company, constantly looking to evolve in everything we do, keep in mind evolution is a slow process... We look to hand craft all of our products with supreme attention to the details, always looking for ways to increase mobility, strengthen seams and improve the cut. This is all while making sure the style is timeless, so that whether you're wearing it today or in 10 years you're still going to be looking/feeling in tune. We'd love to also think that the gear will last you ten plus years, and it should in most cases, but we also know from experience that with a life spent exploring the outdoors comes wear and tear. Instead of encouraging you to chuck out your maxed garment, we'd like you to repair or replace. Repair is self explanatory, but by replace we mean, bring in your old garment, spin us the yarn on why it's worn out and we'll replace it with a solid % discount on the similar/updated model. We'll then take the old model off your hands and recycle/up-cycle it, ultimately giving us a tangible way to make sure we're doing every bit we can for the environment.


Opus Fresh was established to make gear that performed like expedition adventure wear but didn't look like it. With a strong sense of place, we started making all of our gear in New Zealand. We looked into overseas manufacturing, but decided to keep it kiwi - we believe it is best to continue our production in NZ.


We believe in sustainability. To provide a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable product, every link in our supply chain is committed to being socially, ethically and environmentally responsible. In this way we're able to ensure all environmental, animal health and workplace practices are of the highest possible standard from farm to finished garment. Our products are built to last and there's minimal wastage in their production. We only work with suppliers who uphold the same values we do, to make premium quality products while making the smallest possible impact on the environment. We're always looking for tangible ways to make a difference and support causes that we think matter, so keep an eye out, as although we're a tiny company, we have some big plans for the future. Thanks for being part of it!

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