[NEW] Well Hello.... To The Hello Hoodie!


Well hello.... to the Hello Hoodie by Opus Fresh!

The Hello Hoodie was designed to be your to-and-from, go to. Whether on the way to the gym, the design studio or the office, this weatherproof alchemist has you covered.

It’s robustly constructed so it’ll stand up when taking knocks or shnicking snags in the bush as well as being generously hooded for those colder days on the commute.

It’s an easy wear in light / moderate rain and has a merino lined hood for that extra luxe feel. Full zip and meticulously patterned to feel like a soft coat of flexible armour. This jacket is warmth, comfort, style and ease all wrapped up into one wonder garment.

  •     280gsm mid-heavy weight, premium New Zealand Merino Wool (80%) bonded with a smooth Nylon Shell (20%)
  •     Relaxed long line cut
  •     Leather embossed detailing
  •     XL hood for crispy mornings
  •     Thumb hoops for function and comfort
  •     Antibacterial (wear it day after day with- out stinky smells)
  •     Leather toggled hood draw cords

HelloHoodie OliveHelloHoodieAllBlack

The Hello Hoodie is currently available in two colours. Olive/Black and AllBlack.

We hope you enjoy this one,

:) The Opus Fresh Team

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