[Team Opus] Kristy Deadman, Running, Fitness and Family.

Kristy Deadman from Team Opus. Run guru for the Opus Fresh Adventure Club based in Ohakune New Zealand.


Name: Kristy Deadman (nee Donaldson)

Age: 30

Hometown: Raetihi, Ruapehu Region

Currently Reside: Ohakune, Ruapehu Region

Welcome to Team Opus Kristy! We’ve hooked you in for many reasons but tell us in your own words, what is your “sport”?

To put it simply I’m a running and fitness enthusiast! You can find me as the “Run Host” at Opus Fresh Adventure Club and soon to be personal trainer. I can’t claim professional yet but that is the long term goal!


Ha! We have noticed you are busy all the time on the fitness front. You do juggle family with this passion too right. Tell us more about this lifestyle…

I enjoy getting out into the outdoors with my husband and two sons. We do a lot of mountain bike riding and trips to Lake Taupo during summer.

Fitness is an important part of my daily routine, not just for the physical benefits but the mental as well.

Life is pretty busy with part time work, running a household and meeting little peoples needs! Running is my ‘me’ time, it helps me relax my mind and release any stress I may have accumulated over the day.

I also enjoy learning new skills (current favourite, learning to drive the loader and other machinery at the Deadman Firewood Merchant yard!). I like to think I have a can do attitude most of the time and like to help people as much as I can.


Team Opus Runner Kristy Deadman in Ohakune, Ruapehu, NZ for the Opus Fresh Adventure Club.


We know you’re big on your running, what is something about it that people don’t realise can be difficult?

Finding the perfect pair of shoes! I have been on a massive rollercoaster with this over the last year. I wasn’t able to run for a short period of time and it was very hard to accept. Thankfully I am back on track. It was a big learning curve, I couldn’t believe how much energy I was wasting every run with a pair of shoes that just weren’t quite right.  Having the right pair of shoes is so important!


Now you’ve got the perfect pair of shoes, what makes running so enjoyable for you?

The scenery. If I’m going for a run it has to be outside now, with great views. I don’t think I will ever run on a treadmill again!!


Kristy Deadman and her Garmin Watch. Kristy is part of Team Opus and the Opus Fresh Adventure Club based in Ohakune, Ruapehu Region, New Zealand


We love the great outdoors too! Surely you must accessorise for your running time. What else do you leave the house with?

It has to be my Garmin watch! And not just because I use it to track my running, I just enjoy being able to tell the time without looking at my phone…

Plus the data from the apps is a huge plus!


Down to the nitty gritty, clothing. You are out and about all the time. Whats your go to item?

The Pop Top. It is such a versatile piece of clothing! Perfect weight for those cold morning runs in the middle of winter, and also my go to for under my puffer vest when running errands in town.

Kristy loves her Opus Fresh Pop Top and Camper Cap!

Kristy in her fav Opus Fresh Pop Top (Geo Camo) and a sneaky shout out to the Camper Cap as well!

We know how much you love your kids and we regularly see them at Opus HQ in Ohakune. Tell us… if you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

The one thing I would change is… children who are going without. My goal would be to ensure all kids have access to essential items like food, clothing and footwear.

Oh we couldn’t agree more!


Now we had you buying up Opus Fresh long before Team Opus was a thing. What attracted you to Opus Fresh in the first place?

I have two favourite things about Opus Fresh! The amazing people who own it! In the shop Nelle and Austin are incredibly clever, generous and positive people. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you are in their presence. I also love the fact that Opus Fresh is designed by these amazing friends of mine and made right here in New Zealand, support NZ made!

Awww thanks Kristy! Lets move back to you and the future. Where do you see yourself in the years to come?

I would love to be a personal trainer with an extensive knowledge in nutrition and running fitness. I’m excited to learn and help others…

…and no doubt others help you on the way too. Who are they?

I wouldn’t be able to achieve it without my amazing husband, extended family and friends.

My husband Sam is an awesome hands on Dad and between us we are able to support each other’s goals and share parenting responsibilities. I am very lucky to have a lot of family on hand if I need to go for a big run or have an event I want to do.

I super thankful for my amazing friends and running buddies (you know who you are!) who motivate me and lift me up when I need it, we all have our hard days. Having people who are rooting for me and my success gives me all the more reason to strive to do my very best.


We have no doubt that you will continue to do just that with these amazing people behind you! Thanks for your time Kristy and all the best!


The Opus Fresh Crew

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