[Team Opus] Jeremy Hamer, Business Owner, Rock Climber, Back Country Enthusiast


Name: Jeremy Hamer

Age: 29

Hometown: Wellington

Currently Reside: Ōhakune

Profession/Sport: Business owner, rock climber, backcountry enthusiast 

Jeremy is a massive outdoor enthusiast and the owner of Vertigo Climbing. He is passionate about getting out into nature. When he is not busy at mahi you can be sure to find him out in the mountains. 

Hi Jeremy, can you give us a quick overview of what you're all about? 

I spend a lot of time at the climbing gym where I’m coaching kids, getting them up the walls. It’s great to get them frothing and excited while helping them to build skills to take outside. A lot of my passions are related to being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, running, biking, climbing, swimming, all of that fun stuff. I’m more of a casual athlete. I love having fun. 

You have some cool stuff going on at the rock-climbing gym, can you tell us a bit more about that? 

We have started running club nights now which is something that has been wicked for getting more of the kids in the community into climbing, and a lot of the adults as well! It’s awesome getting people out doing stuff. I’m hoping to start coaching outdoors this summer as well and run some little camps outside to teach people about abseiling and climbing out on the real rock. I’m really looking forward to doing that.

Sounds like the outdoors drew you to the Ruapehu region? 

I came here to do a winter season and got offered a job. I thought I’d give it a little trial and stay for 3 months. Straight away I fell in love with the maunga and being somewhere super special. This place has a lot of power and energy. It has also been a place that has taught me a lot about myself. It was the perfect space for me to grow as a person. 

There’s something about Mount Ruapehu right? 

One hundred percent! I feel like I’ve come so far since I’ve been here. It’s also so good living out of the city where I don't have to spend so much time traveling in a car. There is a lot more time to cruise and do the things I love. The sense of community here is also incredible! 

What other hills can we find you climbing?

I spend a lot of time in the Kaimanawa ranges. Love it up there! That's a really special space. All the trail running and bivy spots up there are great. The views are amazing. Probably the best views in the district! 

What’s on the cards for the future? 

I’d love to head to the South Island. The climbing down there is phenomenal! I want to go and do a bunch of mountaineering around Mt.Cook. Patagonia is the ultimate dream! The mixed climbing there is unreal. Anyone who is into mountaineering falls in love with those peaks. The Fitzroys are so beautiful.

I’m constantly dreaming of all the incredible mountains around the world and climbing them. Multi pitch peaks are what drive me to train.

King for a day. What would you change? 

I’d abolish plastic bottles! 

You're heading outdoors on an adventure. What can you not leave the house without? 

My Opus Fresh merinos. I wear them literally every day. They’re so good for general wear and for keeping me warm in the mountains! These along with my PLB (personal locator beacon) are my essentials. 

Where can people find out more about what you are up to?

The best method is my Instagram @jghamer

Thanks Jeremy. Great stuff!

The Team @ Opus Fresh

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