[Team Opus] Jackson Brown, Freeride Skier, Diver, Outdoorsman, Seafarer

Name: Jackson Brown

Age: 25

Hometown: Hamilton

Currently Reside: Hamilton

Profession/Sport: Freeride skier and diver 

Hi Jackson, can you give us a quick overview of what you're all about?

Where do I start… I am a training 2nd officer on unlimited tonnage vessels foreign going and also a product developer for outdoor camping gear and BBQs. 

That must keep you very busy. What do you like to do outside of mahi? 

On the rare occasion that I get spare time I try to either get down to the mountain or get on the boat and head out for a dive! I have been fortunate enough to get a job with an outdoors company so most of the time at work I am out in the field and testing gear. I spent 4-5 years working as a ski instructor up Turoa where I truly fell in love with skiing and it’s all I wanted to do, and that job allowed me to work around the world and meet some amazing people along the way!

Turoa is a vibe! We might be a tad bias but we think Ohakune is one of the greatest small towns in the world. What was your favorite part about living here? (Besides the riding.) 

My favourite part about living in Ohakune is the people and how close to all your mates you are. It also has some of the coolest bush and terrain in the country right outside your door!

Sounds like you love a bit of an adventure?

Absolutely. For me an adventure is all about who’s coming with you, not the destination! As long as you have a few good mates around you. Heading off for spring noon laps with your crew is up there! Adventures have got to be a part of any Kiwis DNA, whether it is a summer mission to the far north for a dive or a winter touring mission.

We wholeheartedly agree with you there! For reader clarity the noon is the uppermost chairlift on Turoa. Can you describe what it is about those runs that makes it so thrilling? 

You’ve got everything you need all in one lift line! From wicked free ride terrain in the fingers or out east or west to a slick park! Spring noon laps are the best when you get some good spring corn up high then a nice slushy park lap.

Any superpower. What one would you pick?

That’s an easy one! Gills so I can be like a fish and just chill underwater! No more having to come back up for air!

What about the power to change the world? What would you change?

If I had a power to change the world It would have to be something to help protect our oceans, having worked and spent most of my life at sea it is sad to see how depleted out fisheries have become and how much plastic you see getting washed up even on the most remote beaches

What do you think people could incorporate/change in their daily lives for the better of our oceans? 

One of the biggest things I think people could do to help make our oceans better is to reduce the amount of plastic that they use on the daily.  Instead of buying a water bottle or using a single use coffee cup, use a reusable water bottle or cup. Something I do to help save our oceans is I use my Friend bottle instead of buying water bottles and I only eat the fish/seafood I catch myself. I don’t buy it from supermarkets.

You're heading out the door for a big day mission. What can you not leave without? 

My go to pieces for any adventure have got to be the Kea hoodie and my Cutter Cap. These things have seen the world and have kept me warm and looking good the whole time! I’m rough on gear and these have not aged a day! Not even a loose thread and I rebuilt a gearbox wearing them!

Good stuff! Where can people find out more about what you are up to?

To track what I get up to I’m on Instagram as @Jackson.bro_ or @Kiwi_Overland to see some of my more summer based adventures!


Thanks Jackson. Great chatting to you! 

The Team @ Opus Fresh

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