[TEAM OPUS] Introducing Nick Love... Adventurer, Photographer, Videographer and the latest member of Team Opus!

Black and white image of Nick Love from Left Turn Right Productions. The latest member of the Team Opus crew for Opus Fresh. Premium New Zealand made merino apparel.




Name:  Nick John Love

Age: 29

Hometown:  Auckland NZ

Currently Reside:  Ohakune NZ

Profession/Sport:  Cinematographer - Photographer - Adventurer

Photo by Opus Fresh team member Nick Love of turns being carved on Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand.Nick Love/LTR Productions.


Nick is a keen adventure Photographer/Cinematographer who loves the mountains and the ocean. “I have a big passion for any board sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and anything that is involved with riding a board in nature” he says. Inevitably a lifestyle like that would take one all over the world however Nick does it with a twist.

“I have a huge passion for traveling the world with my cameras by my side and creating epic stories and memories in video form to share with the world and to look back on in the future.” which is one of the many reasons why we wanted Nick on the Opus Fresh team.

 Mammoth Jump up Turoa, Mt Ruapehu with Mt Taranaki in the background. Photo taken by Team Opus member Nick Love for Left Turn Right Productions. Opus Fresh New Zealand Made Merino Apparel.Mammoth Jump up Turoa, Mt Ruapheu by Nick Love/LTR Productions.


Let’s meet the man behind the lens of some of the sick shots you would’ve seen on the @opusfresh Instagram account the last few months.


Welcome to the team Nick, tell us what is something about your profession many people don’t realize is difficult?
There are a lot of logistics that go on behind the scenes during Adventure Cinematography/Photography missions, such as carrying heavy packs full of camera gear in the mountains and to remote beaches. Recharging batteries and even down to cleaning fine dust off your camera's sensor sometimes in harsh weather conditions.


What is your favourite part of doing what you do?
Favourite part would be experiencing new and exposed places with good mates and being able to capture the experience for us and other people to enjoy.

 Starry Night photo at Mount Ruapehu by Team Opus member Nick Love of Left Turn Right Productions. Opus Fresh New Zealand Made Merino Apparel.Nick Love/LTR Productions.

Getting out of the house is obviously a big part of what you do, tell us what is something you can’t leave the house without…. Will have to say some Good Tunes!!! 


You reach into you wardrobe, your favourite piece of Opus clothing is…. Would have to be Blacked Out Husky Hoodie and Ninja Balaclava Combo (ohhhh sounds stealthy – OF)

 Nick Love seen here in his favourite Opus Fresh combo. Stealth look with black Husky Hoodie and Black Balaclava!
Nick Love seen here in his favourite Opus Fresh combo. Stealth look with black Husky Hoodie and Black Balaclava!


Nick Love as King of the world for a day, one thing you would change is… : I would change how Humans Race impacts our Natural World. 


My favourite thing about Opus Fresh is…  Style + Practicality = Opus Fresh (we wont disagree with you on that one – OF)


My ultimate goal in life is… to keep having this tight relationship with nature and to never take it for granted


And I wouldn’t be able to achieve it without… I have to give the BIGGEST thanks to my partner in crime Katie she has put up with my s**t for 9 years and continues too haha!! My friends and family that have supported me over the years you know who you are and of course also to mother nature for creating this epic environment for me to live and play in!

Spot Katie as part of Nick's work, seen here in a photo taken on the Ohakune Mountain Road.


Fantastic! We are glad to have you on the team and look forward to sharing much of your content as the world opens up again Nick! Thank you! ~ Opus Fresh.


You can find out more about Nick and Left Turn Right Productions on their Facebook page and website below




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