[MERINO IN SUMMER] Humans are clever. Nature is smarter.

Do you scoff at the idea of wearing wool in summer because it makes you think of how warm it keeps you in winter?

Well, you really shouldn't, because our trusty friend the merino sheep who endures some of the hottest summers in the world have adapted their woollen fleece to help regulate the heat, and you are lucky enough to enjoy those benefits too.

merino sheep in summer - opus fresh

But how does this all work you might ask?

Breathability is the simple genius behind what makes wool the miracle fibre it is and suited to both warm and cold weather. A fabrics ability to breath means we cool down quicker and our bodies have an easier job regulating our temperature. If you wanted to get technical, it is the capability of a fabric or fibre to transfer moisture in the vapour state from an area of higher humidity to a place of lower humidity. For example, when you get hot and or sweat, the moisture and heat generated by your body is trapped between your skin and the clothing you have on.
So, the more breathable a product is, the better at wicking the moisture and transfering the heat it will be, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Moreover, Merino wool can absorb and retain just over 30% of its weight in moisture, as opposed to synthetics that will begin to feel wet once they have absorbed only retain 7% moisture, and still feel dry to the touch.

Merino wool clothing also has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Rating) of 50. This is rated as the ultimate in sun protection and is higher than cotton and most synthetics. Add in the fact that wool is also naturally oudor resistant due to its ability to manage moisture efficiently, it is absolutely no wonder wool is considered a miracle fibre.

Choose Merino. Choose Opus Fresh. 
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