[FATHERS DAY] 2019 Opus Fresh Gift Guide Part One

Fathers Day is just around the corner and no doubt this is your chance to freshen up that Dad in your life.

To help you out we've compiled a guide of how you can spruce up that man and give him something that will stand the test of time.

What would your Dad really want??

Opus Fresh Hat Collection

The Hat Dad

Probably doesn't wear sunscreen but relies on his trusty hat. You know that faded old one with some fertilizer brand on it. Or if its cold he pulls on that beanie with a random tool brand splashed across the front.

Hat dad has also invested in cheap hats with lights on them, inbuilt FM radios, bluetooth (what) and other things he probably cant use.

Sort him out with the Opus Fresh Cutter Cap. A rugged hat made here in NZ out of wool and the finest craftsmanship.

Or if hes (unintentionally) fashionable more into the hats kids wear these days to look retro the Camper Cap might be more him.

Still too cold for caps, check out both the Two Way Beanie and Nautical Beanie available in a number of colours to match his winter shorts.


The Jacket Dad

You're leaving the house, its cold, everyone is going out to dinner. Dad has made the effort with a dated polo shirt or maybe even a short sleeve button up. Yes like the surf kids of the 90s wore. He then completes the look by pulling on that trusty old jacket you find him in the garden in, working in the shed in, going fishing in...

The Gosling Coat is here to save the day. Swap dad out of the "seen it all" jacket and into something smart but functional.

It's got pockets, its got zips, its got buttons. Everything dad wants in a "coat" but wont go out and find. To top it off its hand made right here in NZ and built to stand the test of time...

...plus it'll easily cover up that shirt dad is wearing.

Mr Fat Wallet

When your dad pulls out his wallet is it like an encyclopedia of where hes been and what he does?
We're talking receipts, loyalty cards, unused credit cards, an eftpos card (remember when they didn't have chips) and of course a few sneaky green and blue notes tucked away in case "the systems are down".

It's a reflection of the clutter in his shed, but in his pocket. You may not be able to get the shed tidy but you can certainly help with the wallet.

The Slim Jim Wallet holds cards, cash and other essentials in a neat and tidy fashion.

Maybe he will stop wearing those old cargo shorts that fit his old wallet perfectly...

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